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Cronuts and Craziness!

Photo Jul 26, 5 38 35 PM You may or may not know Jessica and I are both Aries. Basically that means we are both stubborn, persistent and determined. On the Fourth of July we came up with the decision that one morning we would get up early in the morning and wait in line for the famous Cronut and then head to the MOMA for the Rain Room. We knew we were going to be waiting a few hours in line. But little did we know just how long it would take….

4am: alarm goes off…. Jess picks me up at 4:40 a.m. We head down the BQE over the Williamsburg Bridge and fly into the city ( Jess doesn’t drive fast at all 😉 ). By 5am we are in front of 189 Spring St., Dominique Ansel’s Bakery, home of the world famous Cronut.  Insert dance break. 🙂 🙂

We were  fifth and six in line for the Cronut! By 6:30am the line is really wrapped around the corner. By 7am you’re not guaranteed a Cronut since he only makes 250-300 a day… the nerve! Three hours may seem like a long time to sit and wait for a delectable pastry but really the time flew by and before we knew it we were standing up ready to go, doors open.
You’re allowed two Cronuts per person and at five dollars a Cronut you think that’s not bad! However, when you’re in the bakery you see all these other delicious goodies and you can’t help yourself, you kind of lose your mind. $50 later Jess and I sit down at a table and are about to dig in. Can someone please say HOLY SUGAR!!!!!!

A camera crew approaches us and asked if they could film us taking the first bite.  “No problem”, I said (Jess not too thrilled with this idea) Zoomed in, camera is in my face as I’m taking my first bite of this mouthwatering masterpiece.  He kept asking me to take bite after bite after bite and before I knew it I was halfway through my Cronut. http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nightly-news/52600153/?ocid=twitter#52600153

What’s a cronut you ask? It’s a deep-fried croissant filled with calories, oops I mean cream and blackberry jam completely rolled in sugar with pink frosting on top. Taste resembles a cream cheese King Cake. Shout out to NOLA! You take one bite and you’re on a sugar high, you eat the whole thing and you are fully cracked out on sugar. CRACKED OUT!!!!!!

30 minutes later we are back in the car heading up to the MOMA. Side-note: Jessica gets a ticket for an expired inspection sticker!  This ticket sets off the sugar craziness. We transformed from two women into two tasmanian devils…
Our tongues now numb from the sugar, craziness continues to ensue..  Sugar high makes for crazy ladies driving.

Photo Jul 26, 8 47 49 AM

We roll up to 54th and Sixth Avenue, beach chairs on our back. We think this line doesn’t look too bad, we got this! We maybe even be home around 2pm.. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
The line starts moving pretty quickly and we think will be here four hours max. An hour later one of the MOMA helpers tells us from our point on it’s an 8 to 10 hour wait. Jess and I look at each other and say, “If you’re in, I’m in.” Then we sit and wait and wait and wait.  As you can see from this picture we went through a bunch of emotions that day. Mostly we laughed, because we were together and we are great partners in crime.

This line was full of entertainment. Including a woman dressed in a pink leotard with black tights with runs in them. I think we were both waiting to see if she was going to bust out dancing but alas she never did.  We are still puzzled trying to figure out why you would choose to spend eight hours with your leotard and tights on. Our annoying neighbor behind us  fell asleep in the never-ending line and people kept walking over him since at that point had no love for him anymore.  Jessica got hit on by a teenage snow-cone maker and a sea of giant metallic silver umbrellas to protect all of us from the sun. Which we thrilled to use when the sun was beating down on us.  Our beach chairs were definitely the stars of the line.  Pretty much everyone envied us for our comfort and let’s be honest our cuteness. Even the staff remarked about us (or our chairs) numerous times.  Apparently we were the only ones who came prepared.
SEVEN AND A HALF hours  later we step into the exhibition. The sound of rain, the cool air, the dark room with a spotlight sent chills up our spines: Maybe even tears to our eyes. Rain falling all around us but wherever you step the rain stops. Beautiful silhouettes, shadows and highlights. It’s an experience I will never forget. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely.
 This is one of those days where you’re truly thankful you live in the city that never sleeps. To feel wonder, joy and maybe a bit too much sugar it’s a perfect day for me, a day of adventure and true patience.
What have you done this summer that maybe is a little crazy, but soooooo worth it?

Water is essential to keep us fit and healthy. But it can also improve the way we function, the way we feel and the way we look. We are constantly reminding each other to drink water and stay hydrated.

Did you know, Approximate 60% of your body weight is water. Staying hydrated is the key to many aspects of health. Most people take water for granted. We don’t usually think about it until warmer months when we are sweating buckets. Your body is constantly losing water through your breath as you exhale through your skin as you perspire and through urination. This water must be replaced to maintain good health. Dehydration is the cause of many headaches.

When participating in physical activity perspiration further increases this water loss therefore adequate hydration or replacement of water in our bodies is extremely important

Proper hydration is critical for optimal body functioning but it is also important to take in the right fluids.

Most fruit juices contain sugar (high fructose, corn syrup)that may not assist in proper hydation due to slow absorption. You are better off eating fruit in its pure form; they can supply nutrients and fiber as well as assisting in hydration because the majority of the piece of fruit is water.

Sweat is the way in which your body cools itself. If you are dehydrated and stop perspiring you are in danger of overheating. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water by then you are already dehydrated.

Now here are some exciting reasons we should all drink more water.. weight loss, heart healthy, more energy, headache cure, healthy skin, cleansing the toxins out of your body, and so much more.. ( dance break)

If you don’t care much for the taste.. Add a squirt of lemon, a squeeze of lime, a few sprigs of fresh mint or a cucumber or orange slice. You can even be so bold as to add a few berries or watermelon. What ever gets you to drink it up 🙂 We personally like to make a pitcher of water and add slices of fruit, cucumber and some mint! Yum!

Here is one of our favorite simple concoctions here @ TONE .

Grab a large pitcher:
One navel orange sliced
Half cucumber sliced
One large slice grapefruit
Three to four sprigs of mint.
Add water, ice! DONE … Vodka optional.. 🙂
13189115-citrus-fruits-fall-into-the-water_thumb mmmmmmmmmmm……..