Since Its almost Valentine’s day we thought it would be appropriate to blog about our cupcake baking experience. Yes Pilates instructors eat cupcakes too!

As Alicia and I have gotten closer we quickly discovered we had another thing in common: our love for baking.

So when we saw a deal for a two hour baking class, we jumped on it. A 2 hour cupcake baking and decorating class? What could be better?

We had high expectations for the class…but that all changed when we pulled up to the address: there was a window with a big cupcake and skeins of yarn. Our class was taking place inside a yarn shop?…Yes you heard that right a yarn shop. That should have been our first clue.
The ovens looked liked easy bake ovens and the recipes were, dare I say ancient?  Yes they were ancient!
We were definitely the loudest participants of the class and we somehow became the class clowns….but that’s pretty much how we like it! 😝
We baked the day away,  laughed  and even made a few new friends. We seem to make friends everywhere we go.I’m not sure we learned anything new but we definitely blew off some steam and may have just drove the staff a little crazy…dare I say we terrorized the staff:
“Don’t you have real vanilla?”, “We can’t use crisco. Only real butter for us!”
As you can’t imagine they were thrilled to have us in class.
The outcome of our cupcakes: lets just say “menza a menz”, but a day of laughter and shenanigans did indeed insue.
I guess the point of this Saturday really was for Alicia and I to do something to nurture us outside the studio.
One thing we recognized as soon as we opened TONE was how important it was to stay healthy – emotionally, physically and  spiritually.
Our motto is work hard and play hard! We feel it’s especially important to remember that motto as we all get so busy and stressed these days. We want to encourage our clients to try to keep each other healthy by enjoying life and never taking things to seriously even when things get tough. Sometimes that means even frosting a cupcake in a yarn shop with a friend!

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